MOOve on up with Harvest Moon: A New Beginning’s 15th Anniversary Edition

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If you didn’t know already, it happens to be the 15th anniversary of the Harvest Moon franchise in North America this year and to commemorate this event, Natsume is releasing a special anniversary edition of their upcoming 3DS game, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.

While it may cost $50, $10 more than the basic edition, anyone who happens to pay for it will be able to get a 12 inch cow plushie which can be seen above. This means you can have one of the ultimate in Harvest Moon collectables once they become available for pre-order on September 24th.

If you don’t feel like paying that much, anyone who does pre-order the game can still get a special little Yak plushie which can be found here. As for the game itself, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is set to be released to stores on November 6th.

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