InuYasha: The Final Act gets a North American release date

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For many anime fans, including myself, InuYasha is the anime that drew them into the fold. However the original anime ended many years while the manga it was based off of kept going many years after that. Then in 2010 a new anime was made called, InuYasha: The Final Act which featured the closing chapters of the storyline in a 26 episode run.

Viz Media had previously acquired the license to release InuYasha: The Final Act in North America, however fans of the series have been left wondering exactly when they would see this release, as it is now two years after the series finished in Japan. Well today a listing appeared on Right Stuf stating that the first half of InuYasha: The Final Act will be released on November 20th on both Blu-ray and DVD, with the DVD version costing $44.99 and the Blu-ray running at $54.99. The title will feature both an English dub as well as the original Japanese dub for purists out there.

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