Darksiders II: Know Death – Last Pre-Release Trailer

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Darksiders II is preparing to be released soon, so it’s having one final trailer to set the stage for it.  The video “Know Death”, doesn’t give any new information to those already versed in what Death exists to do.  Players can check out the new trailer embedded below to see the action as well as the first few scores the game is garnering.

Darksiders II is the sequel to the first Darksiders, but where the first put players in the role of War of the Four Horsemen, II sees players now in the role of War’s brother Death, as it fills in some gaps left by War’s ignorance to his brother whereabouts.  To fully understand the difference between the two playable brothers, consider this: War exists simply to fight battle, while Death exists simply to end life.  Players interested still have a a little time left to pre-order Darksiders II before it comes out.

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