Crysis 3 Multiplayer Detailed

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We have gotten a lot of new details about Crysis 3 from Gamescom, many of them being about the multiplayer.

It was revealed yesterday that Crysis 3 would be getting a new multiplayer mode called Hunter Mode which puts two players in the Nano-suits and turns them into hunters and then matches them up against six to eighteen CELL Operatives that have crashed in the middle of the now literal jungle that is New York. The two Hunter players have to stalk and kill the others with the new Compound Bow weapon, hiding in the jungle as the CELL players try to stick together and look over their shoulders for their invisible pursuers. Every time a CELL player falls, they also become a Hunter, until they’ve all been tracked down. If even one CELL player survives, that team wins.

They have also amped up the play style by adding the ability for players to take control of the environment by taking doors off of cars and using them as riot shields or picking up metal posts out of the ground to use as a club. This will allow for people to get creative with how they play to survive.

The modes that will be returning from Crysis 2 include straightforward deathmatches/team deathmatches and Crysis’ own take on Capture the Flag, called Crash Site.In Crash Site, Ceph pods land at random points on the map, and your team has to claim them for as long as possible before they explode and the next one arrives somewhere else. It’s a very fast-paced, violent mode that shows the nanosuit off at its full capabilities.Crash Site is one of the modes that has been revamped though, they have now granted you the ability to actually drive the Ceph mechs that are know as Pringers and unleash bullets onto your opposing team.

The Nano-suits have been re-designed also. They now separate energy bars for sprinting, camouflage, armour boosting and other nanosuit superpowers, these will grant you the abilities to sprint across the map or power jump from ledge to ledge without having to worry about entering battle with no energy left when you enter battle.

Crysis 3 will ship with a total of twelve maps and eight game modes when it launches in February 2013. The game will support sixteen players in the PC version of the game and only twelve on consoles. Crytek has also insured that they will keep the game servers in peek conditions to maintain a good stable connections for the players of the game.

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