Bethesda holds massive sale over QuakeCon 2012 weekend

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Today until the end of the weekend (August 5th) Steam users will be able to take advantage of a massive deal held in honor of QuakeCon 2012. You see, Bethesda is offering consumers a QuakeCon 2012 pack that will contain more than 20 different id Software and Bethesda titles for only $99.99.

If you also happen to pre-purchase Dishonored on Steam during this deal you will receive Arx Fatalis for free and you will even be able to pick up the entire QuakeCon 2012 pack for only $79.99. Now if you don’t feel like dropping that much money at once then you’ll be happy to know that the company is holding a different sale each day. With Rage costing 50% less today, Saturday will see all Fallout titles as well as DLC at a 66% discount and Sunday will drop 75% off the price tag of Quake and Doom titles.

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