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Episode 51 of the Capsule Computers Gaming Podcast is now live. Each week, thanks to Razer, we will be giving away a prize a week competition held through Capsule Computers Gaming Podcast.

To win, simply listen to the podcast EPISODE 51 (download here from iTunes) for the weekly question and SPECIAL CODE, once you have it  send us an email with the Special Code,  your name and full address to At the end of the week, a winner will be randomly selected from the pool of entries. The winner will then be announced on the next podcast.

This week, we’ll be giving away the awesome Razer Electra gaming headphones, thanks to our good friends at Razer. If you have yet to listen to Capsule Computers Gaming Podcast you can do so HERE.

This week’s Competition end on the 22nd JULY Good luck to all!

Competition is open World Wide.

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  • CellophaneGirl

    Awesome! Thanks for the chance!
    I haven’t listened to the podcast in a while.  :: hangs head in shame ::
    I haven’t really been on the site in a while either. :: hangs head even lower ::

  • Joshua

    Loved the Podcast! Must resist to give away the code! 😉

  • Winner for this week has been announced.  Listen to this week’s Episode Episode 52 to find out if it was you!

    Episode 52 can be be downloaded via iTUNES here :

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