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We have  a copy of Gravity Rush on PS VITA to give away courtesy of SONY Computer Entertainment (Check our review here)



All you have to do to win is to simply leave a comment below on why you want to win this awesome game. 

1 Lucky winner will be drawn at random on the July 27, 2012. Good luck to you all!


Competition is open WORLDWIDE. When you enter please leave a VALID email address and also mention what part of the world you are from.


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  • this is probably the best vita game out at the moment, so i would love the chance to play it.

  • I play the demo, but no money -no fun 😉
    thanks for that 😀 (EU) You got my email via twitter 😉

  • Victor May

    can’t wait to try this game, i’m from ohio,

  • I want to win this awesome game because I remember all the recognition it was getting when it was only in Japan and pretty good things when it was released here. I would definitely love to have and enjoy some of what they were. G’luck everyone! 😀
    Area: US

  • Raulnevarez0618

    Gravity Rush looks really fun, hopefully it was worth the wait!

  • Nyuel

    Since playing the demo, this game is one of the reasons why I want a Vita. I’d love to win this. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  • Wally

    I think this game looks fun. Thanks for the contest!

  • Robbo

    Gravity Rush is probably THE reason why I want to buy a PS Vita!

  • JF98

     This game looks like it utilizes the PS Vita’s true potential to its fullest.  I’m from Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • boagman

    Winning this game will finally compel me to actually buy the Vita.  I’m wanting one, but this, and possibly Uncharted, are really the only true possible great games currently offered.  Getting this game at no charge would push me over the hump.

  • Nax

    I received my PS Vita within three days of US launch. I loved it for the first month, but it has slowly sunk away from me. I am really in need of a fresh game, and especially something as amusing and intriguing and “Gravity Rush”. Having the Japanese demo to go off of, I believe it is just the right game to get, considering how well it uses the Vita’s features. I would really like to own the game, to give new life to my Vita. Thanks for the consideration!

  • Johnnylaphanny

    I want to win!!!
    Email: johnnylaphanny@hotmail:disqus .com

  • Atavan Halen

    I would love to get another game for the Vita, since the library is kinda sparse and I’ve heard great things about gravity rush. I’m from Canada.

  • good luck to everyone hehehee

  • Ryan

    I want to win because I never win

  • JumboCicada

      I want to win this because i got a Vita at launch and i have no games for it. So i would like to have a awesome game for it. chicago, IL, US, email:,  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hung Bui

     lyas94 : its a vita game , how are you going to play it on ps3 ?
    Read the review , saw the trailers , I’m completely head over heel with Gravity Rush , the only thing that stand between me and this babe is my wallet 🙁   // Canada 

  • I’m crazy enough to buy a Vita solely for P4G, and this is the only other game on the system that I’m interested in. (US)

  • I download the demo and I’m so excite 🙂 but no money -no fun 🙁 (EU)

  • I want this game because it’s what got me interested in the Vita in the first place.

  • I love the demo on my vita and i would like so much to play to the entire game !!

  • Andrew

    Great game, I heard.  I hope I win.

    Twitter: ramirez911

  • Our Gravity Rush competition has ended.  Lucky Winner is :


    Stay tuned for another great PSVITA title give away soon!

    Make sure you check out our existing competitions at Capsule Computers right here :

  • Jmzeus87

    My Vita needs me to put this in it’s mouth asap

    • Jmzeus87


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