Ubisoft’s Uplay opens users’ computers up to exploitation

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If you happen to play Ubisoft games on your PC then you may have opened up a giant backdoor to your computer that will allow malicious programs to take control of your PC. This isn’t an issue with basic games either, as programmer Tavis Ormandy has stated that Ubisoft’s largest titles all have these issues with the Uplay system.

Uplay itself installs an invisible browser plug-in that websites can exploit, allowing them to gain access to private information on your PC. As such it is recommended now that anyone with a Ubisoft game do their best to find this plugin and delete it. The list of games which will forcibly require Uplay to be installed can be found below and was provided by Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Good thing that Ubisoft cares more about making sure you bought their game legally with DRM via Uplay, this way your information can get hacked freely. I mean… they already have their piece of your money why should they care about the rest?

  • Assassin’s Creed II
  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
  • Assassin’s Creed: Project Legacy
  • Assassin’s Creed Revelations
  • Assassin’s Creed III
  • Beowulf: The Game
  • Brothers in Arms: Furious 4
  • Call of Juarez: The Cartel
  • Driver: San Francisco
  • Heroes of Might and Magic VI
  • Just Dance 3
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
  • Pure Football
  • R.U.S.E.
  • Shaun White Skateboarding
  • Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
  • The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom
  • Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
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