Posted by Jack Joly on Jul 11, 2012

Time-lapse plant video coming free to 3DS eShop

For a while, only assorted videos of magic tricks and such were available from the 3DS eShop while things got up and running. Now, though, the service is thriving with new games being put up for download each week, and a new video is going to be made available for the same video service that was once all 3DS gamers had to get their download fix.

This one comes from a partnership between Nintendo and Atlantic Productions, the company behind Sir David Attenborough’s BAFTA winning ‘Flying Monsters 3D’ and triple Emmy Award winning ‘First Life’. The partnership will see an exclusive 3D video clip from Atlantic Productions’ Sky series, ‘Kingdom of Plants 3D with David Attenborough’ made available to download for free from the Nintendo eShop on 28th July 2012 in order to mark the European launch of the 3DS XL.

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