The Last Story release date set as August 14 for North America

XSEED Games Wii RPG News

In what has been quite an interesting release schedule, The Last Story is finally making its way to North America next month. Over a year after its release in Japan and half a year since its European release, Mistwalker’s RPG will be released to stores on August 14th courtesy of XSEED Games.

To go along with this announcement, XSEED also revealed a pre-order incentive for those who want to pick the title up at Amazon or GameStop. Anyone who pre-orders the game will receive the above soundtrack CD which contains seven musical tracks from the game. As an added bonus, all launch copies of the Last Story come as a Limited Edition version which includes a soft cover art book and some neat custom packaging. It is worth noting that the title will cost $49.99 when it is released and has been well received overseas, making The Last Story a must have for any RPG loving Wii owner.

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