Sword Art Online game is not really ‘Online’ at all

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Namco Bandai Games have announced that they will producing a video-game adaptation of upcoming anime adaptation of the light novel Sword Art Online. That’s a lot of adapting right? Well any ways, the game will be based upon the anime of Sword Art Online and will be for the PSP.

The genre for the game appears to be some kind of pseudo-MMORPG, minus to MMO part. Meaning the game will appear largely like an MMORPG but will be completely and entirely offline, with ‘other players’ all actually being NPCs.

What do you think of this not-so-online Sword Art Online game for the PSP? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Sounds like the next .hack//

  • DragoXVexis

    I think it should be for one of the main systems, like the ps3 or xbox. It seems to me they are playing it safe with the psp release cutting down on production time and expence. the possabilities of what they can do with the battle system are so open ended. One can only hope they provide a good product with the psp version to let them make a better version on a system that can support the gameplay 100%. also if its not supporting online, co-op should be allowed to help with the mmo feel. also co-op features help sell games.

  • Kali

    I think solo play, as long as it has a Skyrim(character interaction) feel to it, would be a great move for the game. I only say that because of two reasons. The second anime episode explained “Beaters” and the fact that if you die(I would guess) you have to start over(otherwise you wouldn’t really be in SAO). Those two reasons alone would be why I would hate playing an MMO.

    A PvP guild would hunt the MMO

  • Storm

    I would love to play this game, but on the PC or the PS3. I would be instantly addicted :P.

  • youie kun

    I think, it is best to be online so that all Sword Art Online Fanatic will interact with one another, this Anime have a great storyline and must be put on a real online game….being honest, if it is implemented as online game …i will surely play it… please make it an online game..i really love this anime…

  • awesomesauce

    I feel it should be on a main system as well but if acctual inside the game tech was invented i whould die to get it

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