Posted by Dustin Spencer on Jul 23, 2012

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Headed to Japan’s eShop

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels was one of those titles that never came to America when it first came out, but lived on through ports dating back to the SNES (All Stars ring a bell?). Fans of that game can look forward to it getting another digital release in Japan, as it’s set to hit the 3DS eShop next week for 500 Yen.

I’m sure we will also see some love with this one in the west, but if it comes out before Super Mario Bros. 2 U.S., I would be relatively surprised as you have to remember – The Lost Levels was the official sequel to SMB in Japan and our Doki Doki clone was just here due to the hard difficuly of The Lost Levels. Either way, it’s good to see more NES/Famicom ports rising up, and with the inclusion of save states, this could be one fantastic title to see make an appearance yet again.

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