Posted by Joshua Spudic on Jul 8, 2012

Rumour: The PS3 To Become Slimmer?

A filing to the FCC has suggested that there may be a new Playstation 3 model in the works. The documents detail a new Playstation 3 model with a possible model number of 4000. The current series of Playstation 3 models are part of the 3000 series, which identifies a PS3 Slim model.The specific model number shown in the documents is CECH-4001x. According to Eurogamer, the x in the model number will be replaced with a character of the alphabet to identify hard disk specifications. This means that the model may be fitted with different hard drives, offering different numerical values in terms of space available.

If this new model is in fact in development, it will be the second revision of the Playstation 3, with the Slim version released in 2009. What should be noted is that Gamescom is in fact approaching and Sony has confirmed their appearance at the German event. It was at Gamescom that Sony revealed the current Slim Playstation 3 model, so it is no surprise that the event may be the reveal of the 2nd hardware revision.

Below is an image from the document in question:

Source: Eurogamer

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    It will probably be of cheaper build quality as well as Sony don’t deliver on quality anymore. We already saw that with the Slim. They just want to make money to get out of their financial misery.