Protocol E Releases Second Public Prototype

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Protocol E is an indie game for the PC that we discovered through Supanova Sydney 2012. Protocol E is an Action-RTS set in a Tron-like environment where you control your team of little guys and go around trying to destroy the enemy. Which all seems very standard, but Protocol E steps it up by using an innovative and original RTS control scheme to command the minions.

Well, Protocol E has just been given an update that includes the following additions to the release:

• New animated tutorial instructions
• Tweaked tutorial layout
• Custom formations
• Assault mode test level
• Survival mode test level
• Two new music tracks
• 4 new death sounds
• 1 new ranged minion
• 1 new hero
• New luna faction tower
• New core for the energy hub

So make sure to check out the game, and download it for free HERE. The game is still in development stages, and Silver Nova Software is keen to hear your feedback on the game, with a feedback form actually being within the game itself. That’s one big upside to indie games, you actually have the ability to have a say and explain what you like and what you don’t.

Head on over to the site, grab the download, and if you aren’t quite convinced yet, or want to take a closer look at the game and the update then check out the HD Gameplay video below.

Keep tuned to Capsule Computers for more information on Protocol E, or any other indie games news and updates!

BRB, playing games.

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