Persona 4 Arena lag patch in the works

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Interestingly enough, the Xbox 360 version of Persona 4 Arena has been having issues with its online play. Atlus has acknowledged the issue and stated last week that they were investigating the problem. Gamers in the West were concerned about this news, as unlike Japan the Xbox 360 version of titles often sells equal or not better than their PS3 counterparts.

Well today the game’s official blog was updated by director Kazuhisa Wada. In this update he apologized for the issue and stated that the developer of the game, Arc System Works is working on a patch for the game and in fact it has already been completed. Now all gamers have to wait for is testing and authorization. It is good to know the patch is almost already ready and this means that the patch will likely be ready for release in North America when Persona 4 Arena hits stores on August 7th.

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