NiGHTS into dreams gets the HD treatment this Fall

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Sega has revealed that the next title in their classic library to get the HD treatment won’t be a Dreamcast favorite, but actually a Sega Saturn one.  NiGHTS into dreams will be given a full HD upgrade from its original Sega Saturn release back in 1996 and is currently set to be released something “this fall” on the XBLA, PSN and PC.

Besides getting an upgrade to what were already impressive visuals back in the day, Sega is going to be upgrading the aspect ratio to 16:9, adding in leaderboards, an option to switch back to 1996 graphics for retro fans out there and of course, Trophies and Achievements depending on the console. Sega also revealed the below trailer to show off what NiGHTS into dreams will look like in action.

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