Nic Cage and Russell Grant celebrate July 4th

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It’s July 4th for all those freedom-loving Americans out there and low and behold news has broke that Capsule’s Ghost Editor in Chief, Nicolas Cage and Capsule’s Executive Vice President of Astronomy Game Coverage, Russell Grant, decided to throw a celebratory barbeque in which they may or may not have exploded a firework (most likely not, as Russell has a fear of loud noises).

The barbeque event was said to involve some kind of conspiracy regarding ancient aliens that required Nic Cage (ancient alien and conspiracy expert) to team up with Russell Grant (face on cover of Astronomy game) in order to forget completely about their July 4th barbeque and solve a convoluted mystery that is set to hit theatres world wide this Holiday season.

The Nic Cage and Russell Grant starring film, ‘Barbeque Triads’ will screen world wide later this year, at which point Nic Cage and Russell Grant will be riding motorcycles on the moon for their next film. Thankfully there is no sound on the moon so Russell Grant can ride a motorcycle for the first time in his life without fear of loud noises. It is set to be a real tear-jerking moment in what will be the penultimate scene in their upcoming film ‘Moon Heist DangerZone’ which hits theatres mid-2013.

So how did you celebrate July 4th? Surely not as quietly as Nic Cage and Russell Grant. Let us know in the comments section below.

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