Nexon Europe Revealing 2 New Games at Gamescom

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Yep, this Gamescom news is still churning out as publishers everywhere set their sights on Germany. Nexon Europe are the latest to reveal details about their showing, which will take place August 15th-19th. Nexon will be located inside the business centre, hall 4.1, as well as inside the consumer centre, hall 8, and will be bringing their free to play RTS Shadow Company as well as a currently unannounced offering.

Here are the details you should know about both:

Shadow Company

An exciting new online free-to-play FPS by the creators of Combat Arms – one of the most successful Free-to-Play FPS games ever. Shadow Company will be published in North America by Nexon America and in Europe by Nexon Europe in early 2013.

Shadow Company utilizes the impressive Unreal Engine 3 to produce cutting edge graphics and fast, fluid gameplay, making it stand out from all other Free-to-Play FPS titles. It contains highly intense multiplayer gameplay and Nexon Europe will be demonstrating this with various 16-player competitions on their main stage in the consumer hall, including the unique Blackmoney  multiplayer mode (4 vs 4 vs 4 vs 4).

 The Un-announced Title

The latest title from Nexon Europe will be revealed first at Gamescom this year. It will be a Naval RTS, produced by highly experienced and skilled developers. Keep watching Nexon’s announcements for more information.

“Gamescom provides us with a great opportunity to reach out to both European press and community,” said Sungjin Kim, Nexon’s CEO. “With Free-to-Play gaming becoming more and more popular all over Europe, we appreciate this great opportunity to let Gamescom visitors play our newest games for the first time. The two new titles that we are bringing to Nexon Europe’s extensive portfolio of games really show the direction we are heading – taking Free-to-Play gaming to the next level.”

A Naval RTS sounds rather interesting at the moment, and it will be nice to hear more information on Shadow Company, so fans of the famed FTP pioneer will be wanting to visit Nexon’s booth next month.

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