New Of Orcs and Men Trailer and Website

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Of Orcs and Men is looking more promising with every new media release. The game is due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in September, and is taking a slightly unusual approach to its set up. Orcs are an oft abused enemy in countless games but here the players role is that of the oppressed, the green, the ever angry Orc. There is also a Goblin character up for grabs, who will provide a more rogue style of gameplay than the bulky warrior Orc.

The new trailer released today is very much an atmosphere builder and something of a story introduction, setting up for an unusual fantasy tale. Arkail (the Orc) and Styx (the Goblin) are sent on a suicide mission into the heart of human territory with one objective: kill the  human emperor!

A good handful of settings get a look in, as well as some voice acting that hints at an entertaining enough story. The official website for the title has also just gone live, and if the trailer below peaks your interest, make sure and check it out for some more information.

Of Orcs and Men – Official Game Site

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