New Classes Revealed For Primal Carnage


In a new trailer for the game Primal Carnage, two new classes were revealed as playable characters within the game. For the human team, this comes as the Pyromaniac class, which is obviously fire based and for the Dinosaur team, the Carnotaurus is their new asset.

What makes the Pyromaniac exciting is the characters weaponry, which is essentially a flamethrower with a chainsaw attached to the end. The flame-thrower is designed to keep Dinosaurs away from yourself, whilst the chainsaw is for close-range attacks. Conversely, the Carnotaurus is a fast and strong unit that benefits from a smaller stature. The Carnotaurs is built for charging in and attacking with extreme force. This would be good for dispersing players.

Be sure to check out the official site and trailer embedded below for more information.

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