L4D2: Cold Stream Released and Delayed

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Good and bad news for fans of the Left 4 Dead series.  The good news is that “Cold Stream” has successfully released on Left 4 Dead 2 for both Mac and PC.  The bad news is that Xbox 360 users will be having to wait another week to get access to the newest campaign and the 4 remaining campaigns of the first Left 4 Dead.

No reason was given for the week delay on the Left 4 Dead blog, but a full detailing of the release is available on the Cold Stream Update page HERE.  Additionally, it was announced that Left 4 Dead 2 would be on sale for 75% off on Steam, so those wanting to get their friends in on the action or even those on Xbox 360 looking to not have to wait the week can check out the sale HERE, but it’s for today only so get a move on.  Otherwise hold unto your seats Xboxers, just one more week, hopefully.

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