Posted by Benjamin Webb on Jul 31, 2012

Halo 4 Comic-Con Wrap-Up Video Now On Halo Waypoint

Halo fans will enjoy the latest addition to the Halo Waypoint service, which comes in the form of the video for the wrap-up of Halo 4. This is the wrap-up from the games coverage in the San Diego Comic-Con convention which was held last month.

The video includes many people that have worked on the game, including Cortana herself. The following is a quote from the press release on who is in the video –

The video includes commentary from 343 Industries’ David Ellis, Josh Holmes and Kevin Grace, as well as Jen Taylor (voice of Cortana) and the cast from “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.”

Be sure to head on over to the Halo Waypoint and check out the video.

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