Posted by Joshua Spudic on Jul 29, 2012

GT 6, Possible GT Vita Mentioned At China Event

Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi had some time to talk about both Gran Turismo 6 and what the studio would do with a possible Vita version of the series at an event in Beijing, China. The producer attended an Q&A session as part of the Sony Computer Entertainment booth, where the company is showing different products to the Chinese public.

With Gran Turismo 6, Yamauchi has revealed that Polyphony Digital (the studio behind the GT series) have been working on the game’s framwork as soon as GT 5 was completed. He added, “We’re always aiming for the latest technology and the latest expression.” It is obvious that the studio want to push the technical limit when it comes to the racing genre. As with GT Vita, Yamauchi said, “If we were to make it, we’d like to make use of the ability to play anywhere and the ability to use 3G at any time.”

Outside of the future of the series, Yamauchi talked about the Shanghai Circuit, saying that he would visit the track to consider what could be included in the game. He also went into full modifications for GT 5, saying, “If we can find a good balance, we’d like to increase the areas where users can make modifications.”

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