Final Fantasy XIII-3 could be on the way

Square Enix Rumours RPG

Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 game director Motomu Toriyama stated in an interview with Famitsu that Square has finished the DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2, but that we could see the cast again again at some point which is possible considering Final Fantasy XIII-2 has sold over 2.4 million copies. Speculation is that we could see an announcement at the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event in Shibuya between August 31st and September 2nd about Final Fantasy XIII-3, which will feature an art gallery on the Franchise.

Toriyama had this to say when asked about the possibility.

“The [FFXIII-2] Lightning download content had an ending that left a feeling mystery and hope. The day when the meaning of this will come to light is not too far off.”

What do you think, should there be a Final Fantasy XIII-3?

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