Posted by Joshua Spudic on Jul 18, 2012

Final Fantasy III PSP To Have English Text

It looks like Square Enix is making the Playstation Portable port of Final Fantasy III import friendly. In a posting by Tales Source (and translated by Andriasang), the publisher is set to reveal English text support in the next Famitsu issue. In order to use the English text, the PSP’s language must be set to English, which should be no problem for anyone outside of Japan with their primary language being English.

This is excellent news seeing that the PSP market is now dead. There have been question marks on whether Square Enix will publish the port outside of Japan, as it has with Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy IV PSP games. The only obstacle would be the cost, but PSP games are usually cheaper due to being an handheld device. However, if you want to import it, then the PSP game will be released on September 20.

UPDATE: The first screenshot of Final Fantasy III with English has been released, confirming that Final Fantasy III will indeed have English as a language option. You can see it below.

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