Posted by Evan Brander-Jones on Jul 15, 2012

Fanmade Legend of Zelda anime in the works

Zelda Motion have started work on a  web based Anime based on The Legend of Zelda Link to the Past manga by Akira Himekawa. The anime features the voice talents of  Vic Mignogna (Full Metal Achemist, Dragonball Z),  Kira Buckland (Castle Crashers), Todd Haberkorn (D-Grayman), and Kent Williams Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood).

Thus far, all of this voice work has already been recorded and is now being synchronized with the animation. The Legend of Zelda Link to the Past anime is also being distributed by Aeipathy Industries. Nintendo is not involved with the project in any form or fashion, but it’s nice to see a fanmade project come to life. A trailer is set to be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, as a sneak peak of this anime is on the way.

source:: comicbookmovie

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  • This is going to be killed so hard. I remember watching a full-length Zelda movie a couple of years back. Nintendo killed it with fire. It was an excellent adventure film.

    • Sam

      That was because the people who made that film tried to make profit from the movie and that’s illegal since they didn’t own the rights to the Zelda franchise.

      If the creators of this anime decide to put a price tag on this anime, then that will be an issue but if they don’t, I don’t see any problems.