EA settles in the Madden monopoly lawsuit

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A number of years ago you may remember that a class-action lawsuit was levied against EA Sports due to their exclusive deal with the NFL football company, making it so that EA is the only company able to make a football title using the NFL properties, allowing them to create a Monopoly on football games and forcing consumers to only buy their product with zero competition. Well, Kotaku has reported that this lawsuit has been settled with EA setting aside $27 million to pay for the lawsuit.

This means that any consumer who bought a Madden game from EA anywhere between 2005 and today on the PS3, 360 or the Wii will be able to get $1.95 each, while any Madden game on the GameCube, PS2 or Xbox will give the consumer $6.79. Currently it is unknown how exactly consumers can claim this money unfortunately. It is worth noting that EA Sports has now been banned from renewing their exclusive license with the NCAA after it expires in 2014.

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