EA Joins Business Coalition Opposing Defense of Marriage Act

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As of last Wednesday, Electronic Arts has joined the growing group of businesses who join together in opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act, a United States federal law that defines marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman. Among the list of companies opposing the federal law are Google Inc., Microsoft, Starbucks, eBay, and the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Seattle.

In a statement released on their website on Wednesday, Electronic Arts urges the Court of Appeals to see that portions of the Act are unconstitutional.

DOMA presents a number of problems for businesses like EA, as it creates regulatory, tax, and discrimination complications for employers, and that’s why we’re standing against it. The underlying lawsuit impacts all employers no matter how big or small, and no matter the industry, and we encourage other business to join these efforts.

While it might seem that EA is saying that DOMA is ‘bad for business’, Electronic Arts was under fire back in April for having homosexual characters in, most notably, their Bioware games. EA stood its ground, and even as far back as 2010, supported the homosexual community via the “It Gets Better” campaign, where it added their own videos and employees’ stories about their own homosexuality in support of others who went through and are going through their own stories.

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