Check out the girls of Dead or Alive 5 in their Bunny Bikinis

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We’ve heard that there will be some bunny swimsuit costumes given out for those who happen to pre-order Dead or Alive 5 from GameStop in North America but we haven’t actually seen what these sexy costumes are going to look like. Well you can go ahead and let your jaw drop when you check out the “DOA” Angels” swimwear below, both in screenshot form and in the trailer below those.

The costumes shown off are for Hitomi, Kasumi and Leifang. Currently it is unknown what the “DOA Devils” swimsuits will look like, which those who pre-order from Amazon will receive. Though we can expect some stunning footage of that within the coming weeks. It is worth noting that the game’s collector’s edition will include both pieces of swimsuit DLC to double the fun.

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