Batman: Arkham Asylum steam keys cannot be activated

Warner Bros PC News Action

DRM always seems to be an issue for everyone except for the video game publishers levying such punishments on the games purchased by consumers. Today we’ve not only heard about Uplay’s plug-in allowing hackers free reign on your computer, but now people can’t even play the game’s they paid real money for.

It turns out that anyone who has picked up Batman: Arkham Asylum from Steam’s Summer Sale has actually been unable to play the game because the Steam and SecuROM services will not activate authentication keys. Destructoid reports that Warner Bros. has made a statement to people saying that they are looking into the problem though Valve is keeping tight lipped about the issue. Seems that no matter what a company tries, they are only pushing consumers to easier, less intrusive, more secure ways of playing their games through nefarious means…

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