Atlus is Headed to Evo 2012

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Atlus will be going to Evo 2012 and they’re bringing quite an exhibit with them. This exhibit will feature Atlus’s new fighting game Persona 4 Arena and King of Fighters XIII will be played at tournament level and all tournament participants will receive a Mai Shiranui T-shirt, so even if you happen to be only a decent player, its a chance for you to still get something neat.

Atlus is giving the participants the T-shirts as a way of saying thank you to the fighting game community for letting them be part of the world’s largest fighting game event. So if you are at EVO 2012 this weekend you can check out Persona 4 Arena before it’s August 7th release date, and perhaps next year we may even see Persona 4 Arena being played at EVO 2013 at tournament level.

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