What changes did Nintendo make to the Wii U since we last saw it?

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If you missed Nintendo’s pre-E3 conference on the Wii U, you can check it out below in the embedded video.  If you want the short version though, just keep reading.

As already reported, the final version has two analogue sticks, and they are the clicky type.  In the prototype version, these sticks were circle pads, similar to the 3DS.

On the WiiPad controller, rounded grips have been added, and the buttons and direction pad have been tweaked.  They have been moved towards the screen “to maximize comfort even if you are playing for a long period of time,” Iwata stated during the show.

The Wii U will use NFC technology  so that you can scan real-life items into your games.

Finally, there will be a TV button that enables you to turn the Wii U into an infared TV remote.

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