Ubisoft Xbox Live Hits Collection Spotted on Amazon

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If you are into getting your games by the bundle and lack three of the biggest arcade releases to grace the Xbox Marketplace, you can now feel joyous in knowing that Ubisoft seems to be prepared to release a compilation disc of their biggest XBLA hits.

A recent listing on Amazon.co.uk outs Beyond Good & Evil, From Dust, and Outland in the “Ubisoft Xbox Live Hits Collection”, which has been given an art and a release date of September 22, 2012. Not too shabby at all, as seeing BG&E on a disc again is always a good thing. The price is listed at £17.99 at the moment as well, which would put a North American version at $19.99, meaning the value is still strong for what’s included. Ubisoft are more than likely going to come out with a more official announcement in coming weeks for this outing, and if you haven’t grabbed any of these titles from Xbox Live thus far, contain yourself as a better value is on the way.

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