THQ gave UFC rights to EA for an “undisclosed cash payment”

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When Electronic Arts revealed that they were partnering up with UFC for a multi-year, mutli-product deal, I’m sure many of you were curious as to what happened to UFC’s previously exclusive deal with THQ? Well it seems that the only thing EA needed to do to get the title was give quite a bit of cash to the failing publisher.

The amount of cash that was given to THQ was simply described as an “undisclosed cash payment” by THQ. Their CEO Brian Farrell stated “We have relished our relationship with UFC over the last several years and believe that the UFC gaming brand is in great shape. THQ’s more focused strategy moving forward meant that transferring the license to EA made sense to all parties. We would like to thank UFC for their great support and partnership and wish EA all the best moving forward.” Perhaps this boost in cash will keep THQ alive a bit longer, perhaps not.

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