The Last of Us won’t be released until 2013

Sony Playstation 3 Adventure

There has been some unfortunate news for fans of Naughty Dog, as the Last of Us has been delayed till 2013. This announcement came from Late night with Jimmy Fallon as the developers and Jimmy played part of the game, the footage of which can be seen here. With the Last of Us slated for 2013. Sony’s holiday line up will take a hit, but they still have plenty of titles.

There is a silver lining to the Last of Us being delayed, and that is that Naughty Dog can polish the game, and fix any bugs the game possibly has. So the wait can definitely be worth it, but what are your thoughts on the Last of Us being delayed?

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  • Try Harder

    Get your facts straight, there can’t be a ‘delay’ when there was never a release date.

    • It was originally late 2012/early 2013 I believe.

  • Bummer!! Watching Jimmy Fallons reactions was fun. Too bad they cut out the shotgun to the face bit at the end. Oh well this game will be worth the wait.

  • Jake

    Delayed? Who wrote this article?

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