Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ANZ Edition Announced

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Namco and The Iron Fist Tournament are showing Australian and New Zealand fans some love!

If your a fighting fan from Australia or New Zealand, your in for a treat. Namco Bandai has just announced Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ANZ Edition, which includes a special edition casing and DLC content through select retailers on September 13, 2012.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ANZ Edition will be exclusively available through EB Games and JB HIFI Australia. Gamers who pre-order through these retailers will not only get the highly anticipated Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in a high quality limited edition metal casing and the super awesome Snoop Dogg arena stage, but also four DLC fighters: Michelle Chang, Angel, Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre. How awesome is that?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ANZ Edition will be available September 13, 2012, but you can pre-order it NOW through JB HI FI and EB Games.

Can’t wait until then? Check out the casing featured above and the Snoop Dogg Stage below!


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