Pikmin 3 will not feature online multiplayer

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Anyone who was hoping to try out Pikmin 3’s new multiplayer with those who don’t happen to be sitting next to them on the couch will have to live with some disappointment because Shigeru Miyamoto revealed in an interview with IGN that, despite the Wii U’s more powerful online capabilities, Pikmin 3 will only feature local multiplayer.

In his interview he stated:

“You have to be very careful that you don’t drop frames as you’re trying to sync up with other players over what could be a very great physical distance, over the Internet. But in the situation of Pikmin, for example, since you would have lots of individual, small creatures, the Pikmin, whose every movement and location is going to be really important in the game, it would be very difficult to sync up over an internet connection.

So I think what we’ve decided to do is focus on the single player and local multiplayer aspects, which are really fun. But unfortunately, no online multiplayer for Pikmin 3. But the co-op local multiplayer is really fun.”

You can take his answer as you will, but Pikmin 3 still looks like it may be one of the best titles to pick up alongside the Wii U outside of P-100 or ZombieU of course.

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