Of Orcs and Men – Orcs Take Arms Screenshots

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Focus Home Interactive has released another slew of screenshots for Of Orcs and Men, this time focused on the title orcs taking up arms.  Showing off the orcs in several different combat situations, as well as a human court probably looking to respond to the orc aggression.  The screenshots continue to show off just how well the game look  graphically and new locations that players will get to encounter in the game.

Of Orcs and Men is a RPG set to releases for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 where players will actually take on the role of the leader of the orcs in the game.  While releasing this year, there is still no definite release date, but with all the high level screenshots they keep releasing hopefully it’s soon.  To see the rest of the screenshots released today check out the gallery below.

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