Nintendo 3DS XL confirmed for US release on August 19th for $199

Nintendo News 3DS

Remember when Nintendo announced that Japan would be getting a super sized Nintendo 3DS? Well you should because it happened about an hour ago. Well Nintendo of America has made their own announcement now stating that the Nintendo 3DS XL will be released in North America on August 19th for $199.99.

For those of you who may have missed it, the 3DS XL will have a 90 percent larger viewing screen now that the upper screen has seen an upgrade to 4.88 inches and the bottom screen also got an upgrade to 4.18 inches. Interestingly enough, unlike the Japanese and European release, the 3DS XL will come with a charge pack as well as a 4GB SD Card.

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  • Vinny N

    You’d think they’d add the second analog on so people wouldn’t have to buy it separate…

    And the fact that it’s bigger will mean they’ll have to release another one too…

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