New Super Mario Bros. 2 will hit Australia on August 18th

Platformer Nintendo News 3DS

For those of you Aussies that get tired of seeing the west get everything much earlier, you can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to New Super Mario Bros. 2 as Nintendo of Australia have now confirmed that the game would be hitting Australia on August 18th. As you know, Nintendo released a lot of information for the 3DS sequel thus far and we have now learned that this adventure is all about the coins and will have local co-op, where two can go through the game as Mario and Luigi.

Instead of the standard “get to the end” Mario fare, players must attempt to grab every coin they see with the brand new power-ups that revolve around bringing the loot out of each level. It’s a nice new concept for sure, and one that is sure to grab the interest of anyone who crave the score-attack formula or that go out of their way to collect everything in a Mario game. Set your dates in your calenders, ‘roo lovers, as this next Mario will be out in just two months time.

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