Microsoft Kills Another Conference

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Are you a software developer? If you are, then you may have been subject to what I can only describe as the biggest waste of time anybody has ever been subjected to. If you were a developer in Oslo last week for the Norwegian Developers Conference, you will know that I am referring to you and your kind.

At this conference, Microsoft was to showcase some advances in their cloud computing architecture to developers, probably in the hopes of getting them involved and to get them to build their software around. Now normally, I don’t think developers would have been subject to the kind of presentation they received. For the record, I quite enjoyed what was displayed, not that I was there, but I don’t think it was relevant to anything.

I can imagine a room full of software developers sitting around, waiting for some introductory speeches and some technical specifications, only to have the stage light up before their faces and having women in various states of undress come out to the stage and start dancing to what is easily the most catchy and horrible auto-tuned song in the industry.

This is probably just as bad as when Microsoft did their E3 conference and had Usher pimping out his new single in every sentence. Seriously. Which do you think was worse, or better: Microsofts E3 performance, or Microsofts NDC conference? Let us know in the comment section below.

Coding is our drugs in the embedded video below. Thanks to for the tip.

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