Lord of the Rings Online Behind the Scenes Video

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In preparation for the release of the “Riders of Rohan” expansion for Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine has started a video series showing off the behind the scenes of what they are doing for the expansion.  This first video shows off the live action stuff that they are doing for it as well as a bit of the actual content the expansion will be bringing to the game.

Overall, the video doesn’t cover a lot of detail, but it does show off their live action a bit and that definitely looks good.  Explaining the motivation for direction of the short does technically count as behind the scenes, though if it would pique the interest of players interested in the MMORPG will remain to be seen.  “Rider of Rohan” is set to release for Lord of the Rings Online in autumn of this year, which players can already pre-order and get in-game content for doing so.

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