Kick back with Gamevils Fishing Superstars on Google Play

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Just when you thought your smartphone couldnt provide you with anymore WOW factor, along comes Gamevil starting off their summer line up of mobile games with Fishing Superstars, featuring realistic sports fishing movements combined with an ultra sensitive control and response mechanism to fully immerse you into the competition.

With full Facebook and Twitter integration players can level up and gain valuable coins as well as gain bragging rights by posting their catch for others to envy over. Fish can either be sold or raised as your own in your personal aquarium. “We are excited to introduce Fishing Superstars to the Google Play because I feel it fits the best of two worlds- a sports game that is fun with a social aspect that makes it competitive,” stated Kyu C. Lee VP and Head of GAMEVIL USA, INC. “Fishing Superstars will also be one of the first titles GAMEVIL will run as a service in the global market.” Fishing Superstars is available now for free on Google Play so you really have no excuses to not be downloading it as you finish reading.

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