Hybrid shown off by 5th Cell; E3 2012 trailer in tow

Xbox 360 Microsoft FPS E3 2012

From the developers of Scribblenauts comes Hybrid, an FPS set in the future with jetpacks.  Although that hardly sounds original, it appears that 5th Cell will actually be able to make Hybrid stand out in the shooter genre.  Some features of the game include:

  • Massive Online World War
  • Intense 3v3 Air and Ground Combat
  • 60FPS @ 720p
  • 10 Different Maps & Modes
  • Tons of Weapon and Abilities

Hybrid will be releasing on XBLA.

The story of Hybrid is:

“In 2032 a newly built Hadron Supercollider imploded, obliterating Australia. The world was sent into turmoil as an alternate reality collided with our own and from it emerged a species known as the Variant. Chaos ensued and world war broke out between the Variants and a group of rebel humans known as the Paladins.”

Check out the game here on the official website, or check out the recently released E3 2012 Hybrid video here on GameTrailers.


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