Gameplay Trailer Marks Release of Ghost Recon Future Soldier on PC

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There is no doubt about it. PC versions of games that release cross platform are cursed. Cursed to be delayed, and now in the case of Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier, cursed to be broken. The console version of the game was released a month ago, and now despite the delay, the PC version (released a couple of days ago) has been found to be littered with bugs; small, significant, game spoiling, ridiculous, all kinds seem to have turned up to the Ghost Recon party.

The Ubisoft forum is the best place to check out at the moment, with the one forum having been closed in order to divide the many issues into their own specific forums. Ubisoft appear to be highly aware of the problems, and have released a statement to the effect that they are trying to fix them as soon as humanly possible.

So if you can’t move your man because the mouse or WASD keys don’t work, can’t get into a multiplayer match, are having issues with resoloution, sound, or any of the other problems being reported, then sit back, breathe, and have a look at the pretty trailer below – this is the game that you’re waiting for, it’s just hiding for effect.

The CC review of the PS3 version of the game can be found here.

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