Five terrifying looking iOS apps now available from KAYAC Inc

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There are so many apps on the iTunes Store that it is almost impossible to look through every single one, but I would have to say that the five apps released last week by KAYAC Inc may just be the top apps to give yourself and anyone around you terrifying nightmares. But hey, these nightmares can actually come free of charge because the five apps cost absolutely nothing as each one of these is free.

First we have a game called Rotate Head, where players will blow up a man’s head as often as possible, available here, Fish Man where players will literally need to slice apart a fish-shaped man as many times as possible here, Kill Bee, a creepy chameleon-human hybrid who must eat flying bees here, Ugly Hand, where you will need to cut off human faces which appear as scars on the back of the on-screen hand here and Worm Bowls, a title about catching worms in a bowl here. Now as you can see from the images in each game’s iTunes profile, each one of these is quite creepy, so KAYAC’s classification of “yaCreepy” for these titles is quite accurate.


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