FIFA 13 iOS Edition Interview and Gameplay E3 2012

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We sat down with Lucian Contreanti, Product Marketing Manager at Electronic Arts Romania at this year’s E3 2012 to discuss the up coming release of FIFA 13 for the Apple iOS.  Lucian runs us through gameplay and also explains some of the great new features within the game.  FIFA 13 is certainly a very polished game, from the stadium, weather effects, to the player model designs.  The game also is very easy to play with simple to understand controls, with the swipe of you fingers you can quickly change the entire formation of your team from defensive to all out attacking formation.  The game is also compatible with the console version so by logging in with your Origin account you can earn experience points that you can be used on the console version.

We’ll let the video interview/game play below explain the rest in much further detail.  Leave any comments below on what you think of the game.

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