Fable: The Journey gets a new E3 Trailer

Xbox 360 News Microsoft E3 2012 Adventure

Last year at this time, we really didn’t know what to think of the Fable: The Journey clip that Microsoft had on display. We seen a few hands slap together, magic executed, and that famous narrator chime in, but other than that, a lot of us were left scratching our heads if the game was on rails. A huge debacle followed, but now it looks like that Peter Molyneux was actually right. Fable: The Journey is indeed not on rails.

The result however is a bit..different than the regular Fable series. If this title didn’t actually say Fable, I honestly would think we were looking at Medieval Moves. The art style is a bit cartoony and campish, but this could come together as a fine product if the Kinect controls work as advertised.

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