ETHER VAPOR Remaster Release Date Announced

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ETHER VAPOR Remaster is the upcoming 2.75D action shooter for PC from developer edelweiss and publisher Nyu Media. The game promises arcade action while providing leading graphics and effects that will carry the genre of arcade shooters forward.

ETHER VAPOR Remaster follows the war of two nations, Caldea and Lydia, with an unknown pilot who pilots an unknown fighter aircraft that is able to slice through each nations forces. The story is centered around this pilot and learning about his secret firepower and mysterious agenda, all the while he cuts through enemy forces and massive bosses.

Here are the games features –

  • Multi-perspective 2.75D action covers vertical, horizontal & ¾ view scrolling, plus cinematic views!
  • Genre-leading graphics & effects!
  • 7 sumptuous stages to clear, ranging from ocean airspace to the outer atmosphere!
  • Gatling, Winder and Lock-on weapons, each with a unique & powerful Charged Shot!
  • Boss Rush Mode and online leaderboards
  • Original Soundtrack available NOW for streaming and purchase from

ETHER VAPOR Remaster is set for a June 29th launch for this year and will be available on Steam, Gamersgate, Gamestop and Gametap, as well as the Official Website. The game will be retailing for $7.99US and be sure to check out the Gameplay Trailer, embedded below. I’d recommend checking out the demo for more info.

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