EA are literally stealing your money

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So if you’re Australian and play Battlefield 3 and bought the Battlefield Premium service that EA is flashing at you, then you probably are the victim of EA’s ‘unintentional’ thievery.

As it turns out, the Battlefield Premium service has been advertised across the board as $49.99 AUD. So basically that is the ‘advertised’ price for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the Battlefield Premium service.

Funnily enough, EA decided to take even more of your money if you were purchasing the Premium service on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Whilst the service is advertised as $49.99 AUD, players weren’t exactly charged that price. As a matter of fact, Xbox 360 users were charged $66 AUD and Playstation 3 users were charged $79.95 AUD, while PC users were the only ones actually paying the advertised $49.99 AUD.

What this means is that EA have taken more money than they in fact told you that you were giving them for this Battlefield Premium service. So how do they make up for this grievous error? By refunding Playstation 3 players $15 AUD and leaving Xbox 360 players crying in the corner at how they got ‘ripped off’ by corporate greed. All the while they have still yet to amend the advertised price which still shows as $49.99 AUD when in fact it’s about $15 AUD short of the real price.

In my opinion it just goes to show that you really shouldn’t give EA your money, it’s their meth. Your money is EA’s meth. Help EA kick their addiction to meth (your money) by not spending a single cent on this absolute garbage that they are spewing. It’s your choice, I’ve made mine.

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  • GAMER123454321

    Wow. This is the dodgiest article I’ve read in a while. They’re advertising the ORIGIN (PC) price as AU$50, not the PS3 or Xbox price. Well done Capsule, great research. Also, what the hell is an Xbxo?
    Ammend isn’t a word, either. F***ing amateur hour. Not to mention all the immature, unprofessional taint throughout. Where is the editor??

    Visit other game sites for a proper summary of this kerfuffle, people.

    • I’m sorry you did not like my article GAMER123454321
      I thought it was pretty accurate and on point. 🙁

  • As long as I’m entertained, and the article gives the point, I’m good. Nice one, guys. F* EA.

  • I love Battlefield 3 and have Premium. I will continue to play it but i am outraged by this. EA screwed us over once again. 

  • Nightrider

    Don’t know exactly what you’re trying to do here, but there’s all kinds of inaccurate and misleading info as 
    GAMER123454321 points out! I hope you’ve prepared for the eventual legal shit storm that EA will bring your way. Your false information and claims will surely open you up to a libel lawsuit. Have fun with that! 

    • Nothing false or misleading here.

      • Nightrider

        Haha, EA will have the final say in that, not you…

        • Um.. okay?

        • Lawlz, they can’t sue him, wtf do you think this is?

          PC games are always a bit cheaper then console games. Article state they charged too much for ps3 users. That is the truth.

          Rest is just anger towards EA which is understandable. They still publish good games tho.


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